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Hello, my name is Acton and I am on behalf of Expert Today we are going to talk about how to change out your old blade on your lawnmower for your new blade. You are going to need a couple of things. You will need a few different size sockets, usually the larger side, usually a half-inch thru 11/16 just to make sure you find the right one, a nice heavy duty ratchet to give you that extra torque power and the correct size blade for the model of the lawnmower that you have. Pretty easy. Find the right socket that you will need to use and I believe for this model you need a 5/8. Perfect. Put that on. Make sure that you have it tilted up and have it tight. If you want actually use some gloves to grab the blades. Now on this model we have several things that hold the blade on and make it work for the lawnmower. We have a blade adaptor, a blade, locking bracket and then we have hardened no. 8 bolt. Make sure always that they go back in the right order. Take your new blade. Now when you put your blade on a lot of these blades will have bottom sign or graph side printed on the back. That just means that that is the side that faces the ground when you put your blade back on. Your blade adapter goes on first. If you notice on the inside there is a key way so there is only one way it can go on. This bottom side faces your lawn. So if you also notice there is a star pattern that it sits on. The holes are matching up. Next you have your bolt and tighten that on finger tight. Now you always want to put your blade on as tight as you can and there you go. You now have a new blade for your season.

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Always Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug, before replacing the blades.