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Summary: Learn how to change the air filter on a chainsaw in this free educational video.
How to Change the Air Filter on a Chainsaw
Hi! This is Drew Finn here for Expert Village. Today we are going to talk about how to use and maintain a chainsaw. After a hard day of cutting, say you've been cutting 5 or 6 hours or you are in a real dusty environment, you will want to change the filter or at least clean it. Certain filters are different with different chainsaws and the Husqvarna I'll show you how to do that. First I will remove the cover. There are 3 clamps on that. Move the cover and we have access on the inside. This is the filter. What we want to do is take this spring clamp off, pull the filter and if you have a replacement, put a new one on. I usually clean it with an air hose or this particular is a cloth one. On my steel, it is a metal one and I can actually clean it with a toothbrush that I keep but on this particular one, is cloth so you don't want to hit it with anything mechanical. I blow it off for the hose or get a new one depending on how worn it is and we will reinstall it. Just pop it back on, line the components up and put the snap on. Be very careful not to be pushing on the filter itself because it is paper, you can stick your finger through and then its no good. If you do do that, I don't care if yoiu have a tree half down, you've got to get a new filter because you start sucking anything into your carburetor, then you could be in some major repairs for your chainsaw. So then we put the cover back on and that is how you change an air filter in a chainsaw.
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